Awana clubs, Sparks, Cubbies, T&T
Wednesdays: Sept 30th, 2020 – April 28th, 2021
@ 6:30p.m. – 8:00p.m.
AWANA is a time of fun, games, and learning in a large and small group setting. AWANA is divided up into appropriate age groups so that children can learn and interact with other children their age.
We provide opportunities for:
 • Cubbies: 3 & 4 year olds
 • Sparks: Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
 • Truth and Training (T&T): 3rd – 6th Grade
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Details about how this year will look:
Parents & Guardians,

Hopefully, you had a great summer!  As we get closer to the start of the school year, at First Baptist we want you to know that we have been working to create plans that will keep everyone safe and do our best to maintain social distancing.  Please take the time to read over our plan for the Awana School year.  Please let us know if you will be sending your son(s)/daughter(s) to AWANA this year.

Our plan is broken down into specific areas that make up the night. (General Guidelines, Entering the Building/Sign In, Opening Time, Handbook Time, Council Time, Game Time, and Exit)

Awana will continue to meet on Wednesday nights.  We will start at 6:30pm and end at 8:00pm.  We will be keeping the flow of the night the same as past years.

General Guidelines
-All rooms will be set up for social distancing. 
-All kids and leaders will be asked to wear masks during the night, especially when traveling around.
-We will have Hand Sanitizer stations at the entrance and by bathrooms.
-We will keep all room doors open to limit surfaces to touch.
-Rooms will be cleaned after each use.
-If a student/leader tests positive for COVID-19 we will contact everyone who was at AWANA that night.
Entering the Building/Sign in
– We are asking that you use the front doors under the parkway only.
– Please wear masks when entering the building (If you forget your masks, one will be provided).
– We will have hand sanitizer stations set up to use upon entry.
– Students will sign in at a table  that is set up for social distancing  (Cubbies will now sign in in the lobby as well and not be taken downstairs by parents/guardians).
– After sign in kids will head to their specific locations. 
Cubbies will meet by our library
Sparks will head down to the Youth Room
T&T kids will head to the gym
Opening Time
– Sparks are meeting in the Youth Room (chairs are set up for social distancing).
– T&T kids will be meeting in the gym (we will have taped X’s on the floor for social distancing).
– Flags will be set up ahead of time (kids will not be responsible to set up of Flags).
– After opening time T&T kids will head to the Fellowship Hall and Sparks will stay in the Youth Room. 
Handbook Time
– When kids are in their handbook time they will meet in the Fellowship Hall.
– Tables will be set up for social distancing (2 students to a table).
Council Time
– When kids are in council time they will meet in the Youth Room (chairs set up for social distancing).
– We will still have worship and lesson time during council time.
Game Time
– The kids will continue to have game time in the gym (there will be x’s on color lines and baselines to help with social distancing).
– During game time masks will be optional for kids.
– As we enter the gym we will sanitize all the kids hands.
– During the exit process we are asking that parents/guardians stay upstairs in the lobby and let us bring your kids to you.
– Kids with the last name of A-L will be exiting through the front doors under the parkway.
– Kids with the last name of M-Z will be exiting through the office doors.
– The Cubbies leaders will bring up the Cubbies using our back stairwell and sit by library for pickup by parents/guardians.
– The Sparks leaders will bring up the Sparks using the gym stairwell and sit in in the back hallway by the bathrooms located off the lobby for pickup by parents/guardians.
– The T&T leaders will bring up the T&T kids using the main stairs and stay in the lobby for pickup by parents/guardians.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me or the church office.

Thank You
For His Glory,
Pastor Chris 
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