James and Kyleen DeJong
with African Inland Mission

James teaches church leaders at Lake Basin Center for Theology in Kisumu, Kenya. This new Seminary is providing quality training from the Diploma through Doctorate levels to existing pastors and teachers. Through teaching and mentoring the pastors, James is seeking to develop their Biblical knowledge and pastoral skills to serve the African Lake Basin region. He is also challenging the Kenyan pastors and churches to become active in sending out their own cross-cultural missionaries.

Kyleen has a Library ministry which is the only Christian resource library available to the greater Christian community in Kisumu. She is able to do informal counseling when people ask her to choose a book for them and when they share what they are learning from the books. We have been having an average of 50 people a week coming through our home for books and informal counseling. We also provide a quiet place for pastors to do research and sermon preparation.

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