Jim and Amy Trewin
with CRU

Walking through the world today is a bit like Jesus walking through the crowds in Matthew 9:35. Our Lord was able to penetratingly see the real condition of those around him. “They were downcast like sheep without a shepherd.” People today are masking deep wounds, insecurities, and pain that are then shown in depression, suicide, fits of rage, and addictions. After two recent suicides, one parent asked me, “What does a 14 year-old kid have going on that is so terrible that they take their own life?”

Today we have everything and yet they have nothing. There are little lasting answers at the heart-level to their deepest questions, confusion, and wounds. The continual break down of the family and increasing dependence on the institutions to provide answers that are either ill-equipped or reluctant to do so has further escalated our children into personal crisis. But God offers hope! He restores the soul. He can change this generation. We have the opportunity to bring the greatest message of all history that there is life is Jesus Christ!

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