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Senior Pastor:
Abe Cardosa
Abe Cardosa graduated from undergraduate studies at Grand Rapids Baptist College and Seminary. He continued graduate studies at Baptist Seminary, Grand Rapids where he received his Master’s of Divinity in 1983.  Pastor Abe’s ministry experience began in the pastorate in 1977. He has served as pastor to three churches and has led the flock for over 25 years at First Baptist of Anoka.  He personally accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in July of 1973. He and his wife Joannie have a son, Michael David.  Their son Michael with his wife Joanna have recently made Pastor and Joannie joyful grandparents!
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Pastor Abe
Associate Pastor:
Scott Gamble
Scott Gamble has been a member at First Baptist for nearly a decade.  He graduated from Central Baptist Theological Seminary in May of 2015, and was voted on to our staff soon after. Scott and MiKayla have been married since August of 2012. They recently had a beautiful baby girl and are enjoying being new parents.  Scott’s door is typically always open for theological discussion, prayer, or anything else.
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Youth Pastor:
Chris Scheuerell
Chris Scheuerell graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2010 with a degree in Youth Ministry and in August of 2015 he joined our staff.  Chris enjoys spending time in the outdoors.  He loves to hunt, fish, and go camping. He also enjoys playing golf, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, baseball, and badminton.  Chris and his wife Elyssa were married in October of 2015.
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,Worship Director:
Mitchell Elliott
Mitchell Elliott studied Biblical and Theological Studies and also Philosophy at Bethel University.  He joined our staff in February of 2017. Mitch has been married to his wife, Angela, since January 2011.  He enjoys writing, playing, and listening to music.  He spends his free time playing sports, weightlifting, and playing strategy games such as Chess, Shogi, and GO.  His favorite hobby, however, is reading books on theology and church history. 
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Joannie Cardosa

Joannie Cardosa has served as Church Secretary since 1993.  She has been married to Abe Cardosa for almost 44 years…they love serving the Lord together at First Baptist.  They have a son, Michael David. Their son Michael with his wife Joanna have one son, Kylan…making them joyful grandparents of a two year old!!

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Sandy Wicklund
Sandy Wicklund has been a member at First Baptist for 43 years.  She has been on the office staff for the past 18 years. She has been married to her husband Warren for 51 years.  Together they have 3 children and 8 grandchildren.  Sandy enjoys being active in our AWANA, MOPPETS, and MOPS programs at church. 
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