Our Prayer


We pray that as the Body of Christ, you can work through us and help us to speak and act for justice and mercy with

humility.(Micah 6:8).  Work in us to deeply love others and for us to work for your Glory to bring our communities

closer to you.  Please Lord, break our hearts for what breaks yours so we can be a light in these dark times.


Please join us in Praying for:

1) The family and friends of George Floyd – Pray, because His life was tragically taken! Pray for his family and friends

as they seek for peace and justice.


2) The Minneapolis Police officers – Pray broken hearts and open minds to correct injustices in the system, also pray

for their safety as they stand in the midst of violence within our streets. 


3) The Twin Cities- Pray for the deep pain our Cities are experiencing. Pray for God to continue to work in the

communities and build up people to be there for those that are hurting, marginalized and the broken hearted. 
Ask him to  Heal these deep, open wounds. 
In His Name,