Even those who have broken man’s laws and are incarcerated are loved by God, and we are to demonstrate the love of Christ to them as well.  For this reason, we have a Prison Ministry which offers hope that only knowing and following Christ can provide, so it is a prime field for harvest in evangelistic pursuits.
Among the most difficult things for offenders to face is their separation physically, and in many cases, emotionally, from their families.  Offenders face the death of loved ones and are unable to attend funerals and obtain closure, spouses who leave them and do not communicate with them or allow their children to visit or communicate with them and the children who are confused, scared and hurt that mom or dad is in prison.


Please pray for the Bible Studies held every 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays of each month

General:  Pray that the families of those involved in our Bible Study will recognize the desire of these offenders to change and that God will work in their lives to  begin the process of restoration and acceptance.

Many thanks for your prayer support!
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