Parents & Guardians,

As the school year is right around the corner, I want you to know the plans we have in place for this years Youth Group.  Unless things take a dramatic change the plan exist until Thanksgiving Break.  After that my leaders and I will meet and figure out what changes need/can be made.

First and foremost, at First Baptist we are dedicated to creating a place where all students can experience God, feel known and loved.  We are working hard to be responsible in the ministry that God has blessed us with.  There will be some changes during this coming year, especially in respect to COVID-19.  As leaders of the Youth Ministry, we truly believe this plan that we have prayerfully chosen is the best opportunity for our ministry to continue serving students and their families.  We will work hard to keep students, staff, leaders, and families safe during this time.  We are very excited for this upcoming school year and look forward to serving our students and families. Thank you for being part of our ministry!!!

We will meet on Sunday nights 6:00pm-8:30pm.  We are asking that students wear their masks and sanitize their hands as they enter the church.  We are asking that masks are kept on while moving around (students will be able to remove masks at certain points during the night).

We will start our night in the Youth Room, which is set up for social distancing.  We are able to seat 31 chairs that are 6ft X 6ft apart.  Once students are in their chairs they will be able to remove their masks for announcements, icebreaker, worship, and the lesson.  The couches and carpetball table will be removed.  The arcade machines will be on and be wiped down after each use and the pool/ping pong table will not be in use.  Once we leave the Youth Room a leader will quickly wipe down all the chairs with disinfectant wipes.

After the lesson, students will move to their Small Groups (we are asking that while students move around they wear their masks).  The Small Group rooms will be set up for social distancing so students will be able to remove their masks once seated.  Students will help clean the Small Group rooms with disinfectant wipes as they leave.

After Small Groups, students will head to snack time.  This year there will be NO meal served; instead we are having a small snack time.  That means students will need to eat dinner before they come to Youth Group.  Instead of asking parents to prepare a meal we are asking you to either sign up for a week and donate a snack that we can prepare or you can choose to donate the money (or a portion of it) you would have spent on a meal and I will use that to fund the snacks for the year.  Every week one of the Small Groups will prepare the snack during their Small Group time.  Students and leaders will wash their hands, wear gloves and masks while preparing the snack.  Students will eat their snacks in the Youth Room, be able to remove masks, talk, listen to music, and hang out.

After snacks the students will have Game Time/Free Time. We will be playing games outside for as long as possible.  While games are played outside masks are not needed.  Once games are moved inside, masks will be optional (a choice that you can make as a family).  Any game we play will follow social distancing protocols.

A couple of IMPORTANT side notes…

-Our goal is to continue meeting in person for as long as possible!

-If we have a larger number of students show up we will move to the sanctuary.

-We will be trying to have 1 service opportunity every two months that may happen during normal Youth Nights (Feed My Starving Children, visit/drop off meals to shut-ins, projects, etc).

-If your son/daughter is not feeling well please keep them home.

-If a student tests positive for COVID-19 we will contact everyone who was at Youth Group that night.