Pastor of Student Ministries

This position includes providing oversight and supervision of the children’s ministry and Jr. and Sr. High students. It is a full-time position, and the balance between children and Jr. and Sr. High students will be flexible based on the strengths and abilities of the candidate. While this is combining two positions into one, we are reasonable in our expectations of time and energy for this Pastor of Student Ministry. We are looking for a candidate who will want to come alongside our families and provide leadership by the grace of God to lead our young people into a joyful, confident, and maturing relationship with Jesus Christ alongside of other believers at FBC.


  1. Committed to the Word of God.
  2. Understands and emphasizes the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  3. Demonstrates growth and maturity in the fruits of the Spirit.
  4. Exhibits a sincere and loving humility and teachable attitude.
  5. Has an established pattern of taking initiative, being reliable, and reasonably organized.
  6. Able to communicate effectively whether verbally or in written formats.
  7. Develops and maintains healthy and mature relationships with others including an ability to handle conflict.
  1. Exhibits a love for young people and a desire to see them become and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.


  1. Must support our doctrine and practice as outlined in our Church Constitution and the vision and values of the church and its leadership.
  1. Prefer someone who has an educational background in some type of theological or Biblical studies program.
  1. Prefer someone who has some experience working with children and youth.
  2. Work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor and receive yearly evaluations.
  3. Participate in weekly staff meetings.
  4. Fully invest into the community of FBC.
  5. Maintain all aspects of ministry in accord with the philosophy of ministry (see below).
  6. Serve as an ex-officio member of the Church Council.

Philosophy of Children’s and Jr. and Sr.  High ministry

  1. The primary goal is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing and maturing as believers.
  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to be prominent and foundational for all aspects of ministry.
  2. Parents are encouraged and equipped in their God-given responsibilities to their children. Parents are strongly encouraged to be involved in all aspects of the ministry.
  1. Devoted to teaching and guiding all aspects of ministry by the entirety and the sufficiency of the Scriptures including expositing God’s Word and teaching sound Biblical theology.
  1. Integrates wholistically with the church to help encourage multi-generational community of mutually encouraging believers.
  2. Places an importance on prayer and learning how to pray.
  3. Creates an environment of sincere fellowship of encouragement and accountability.

Please Note: The following job descriptions are intended to be general in nature.  The specific nature of these will be worked out in practice through prayer, counsel, working with others, and one’s specific giftings.

Job Description of Children’s Ministry

*Current children’s programs: AWANA, VBS, Trail Life, Heritage Girls, Nursery, and Sunday School

  1. Ensure a loving and safe environment for the children and families who participate in activities at FBC.  This includes background checks on volunteers.
  1. Recruit, train, and care for volunteers that help lead our various programs so that the children are served well, and it is a joyful and growing experience for the volunteers.
  1. Select curriculum that is Biblically grounded with a sound theology that develops mature disciples of Jesus who want to live for the glory of God.
  1. Provide budget requests each year for the church annual budget.
  2. Foster communication with parents and develop relationships with them that provide an open dialogue.
  1. Schedule, communicate, and advertise weekly events along with special events.
  2. Help children to make a transition, as appropriate, into our Jr. and Sr. High ministry.

Job Description of Jr. and Sr. High Ministry

  1. Cultivate healthy and effective relationships with the students.
  2. Disciple students: one-on-one and small and large group settings.
  3. Recruit, disciple, and maintain youth volunteers who enjoy serving the youth.
  4. Be available for and provide Biblical counseling, encouragement, and exhortation in working alongside of parents.
  1. Encourage and plan opportunities for outreach with the gospel and various missions opportunities.
  1. Become a model and an example of Christ to the students that they can imitate.
  2. Communicate well and consistently with parents and seek their counsel and involvement with all aspects of the youth ministry.


  • The position is budgeted for $60,000 plus milage, flexible vacation, and conferences
  • For more information and to apply, click the button below. If you have any further questions, you may call the church at 763-421-5808.