Pastor of Student Ministries

Qualities & Philosophy of a Youth Leader

We are looking for a Shepherd/Pastor who will faithfully care for and lead the youth and children of our church to know and love the gospel and the Savior of the gospel, Jesus Christ; develop joyful and committed disciples of Christ; foster a community of love and encouragement through the Holy Spirit; and be willing to coordinate with the overall ministry of the church to become a healthy and vibrant multi-generational community of believers.


  1. Scripturally qualified according to I Timothy 3:1-7; I Peter 5:1-4; Titus 1:6-9
  2. Committed to the Statement of Faith of FBC and our philosophy of youth ministry
  3. Theological training
  4. Committed to Baptistic doctrines and principles
  5. Experience in working in children’s and youth ministries
  6. Passionate and skilled to work with youth, children, and their families

Accountability: Will report to the Senior Pastor

Qualities of a Youth Leader
  1. Committed to the Word of God in theory and practice
  2. Teachable attitude
  3. Models a sincere and loving humility
  4. Demonstrates a godly wisdom
  5. Understands and emphasizes the Gospel
  6. Demonstrates the fruits of the Spirit
  7. Ability to communicate effectively
  8. Models a sincere love and commitment to youth
  9. Committed to endorsing and working according to the guidelines of our philosophy of youth ministry as a church.
Philosophy of Youth Ministry at FBC
  1. Makes disciples of Jesus Christ who are growing and maturing as believers
  2. Seeks to keep the Gospel of Christ prominent and foundational
  3. Partners with parents in their God-given responsibilities to their youth
  4. Devoted to teaching and guiding the ministry by the entirety and the sufficiency of the Scriptures
  5. Places an importance on prayer and learning how to pray
  6. Supports and integrates with the whole church-all generations and the vision of the overall church
  7. Creates a place of sincere fellowship of encouragement and accountability for the youth

Responsibilities: Will roughly spend time equally in supporting and developing youth and children’s ministries.

Youth Ministry:
  1. Oversee all Junior and Senior High youth ministries
  2. Develop/maintain lay leadership teams for the Junior and Senior high ministries
  3. Organize and direct others to organize retreats, field trips, seminars, etc. for the Junior and Senior high ministries
  4. Develop a comprehensive youth ministry including but not limited to: Sunday School, outreach, Missions, etc.
  5. Meet periodically with youth for counseling and encouragement
  6. Meet regularly with lay youth leaders
  7. Communicate with parents of the youth and have periodic meetings with them
  8. Be an example of Christ to the youth of the church in all of their conduct
  9. Assist in the worship services; serve as an ex-officio member of the church council; and attend all church business meetings

Children’s Ministry:

  1. Ensure a safe and secure environment for the children and families who participate in activities at FBC
  2. Provide organization for the nursery
  3. Coordinate Sunday school classes by recruiting, training, managing, and empowering Sunday school teachers.  Also, choose Biblical curriculum for these classes.
  4. Coordinate the AWANA ministry including recruiting and training leaders, advertising, and providing leadership for all related activities.
  5. Work in coordination with other ministries such as Mom’s, Trail Life, American Heritage Girls, etc.
  6. Coordinate and provide leadership for our VBS ministry by recruiting, training, managing, and advertising.

Full-time compensation will be given based upon education and experience

First Baptist Church is a church of 110-140 people who want to be faithful to the Scriptures, but who also want to grow in reaching our culture and our community with the Gospel. If you have questions, call 763-421-5808.