Meals On Wheels
What is Meals on Wheels?
Meals on Wheels is a community based service that provides fresh, nutritious meals delivered directly to the homes of the senior citizens and individuals.  In addition to providing regular meals, caring volunteers provide an important social connection.
When is Meals on Wheels?
Meals on Wheels takes place every weekday (Monday-Friday) at 11am.  First Baptist will serve once every three weeks.
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Why Meals on Wheels?
Meals on Wheels is an awesome ministry opportunity.  Volunteers will provide meals for people who are unable to leave their house, who unable to cook, and people who just need a smile and some human interaction.  It is a great way to give back and bless others.


Get involved Meals on Wheels
You can get involved by signing up at the info desk, contacting the church office, or talking to Sandy in the office.  First Baptist is responsible for a full week every third week so there is plenty of opportunities to get involved.  Volunteers need to have a valid drivers license.
If you are interested in getting involved please call the church office and talk to Sandy.
For any questions or more information on Outreach, please contact the church office:
P: 763-421-5808